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well, it’s done.  i am a Master of Business Administration.  sorry for my lack of attention to this blog, but that’s now going to change.  at least a little.  other than the MBA, there’s not a whole lot new around here.  Ryter is getting smarter every day and it’s amazing to see the changes.  end of February we had a visitor from the “State with Silly Gun Laws” (California) visit us for a few days – holler Dr. Cee from The Diego!  we also had Lindsey mom over for a week or so.  after that, my folks flew in for a little over a week.  it was strange to have an empty house; took me a couple days to readjust.

looking forward to a long summer of fly fishing and wrestling with my boy!


i know, i know.  i’ve been MIA for a month or two.  i’m not very good at keeping a journal/blogging.  christmas hodidays were EXCELLENT!  my folks came to to see us for about a week, and after that we visited with Lindsey’s folks.  new year’s eve was quiet and tame this year.  so speaking of work, here’s the breakdown of all the “ticket slayers” in our department:

employee 1 = 89 tickets closed, 87% efficiency
employee 2 = 81 tickets closed, 79% efficiency
employee 3 = 64 tickets closed, 75% efficiency
employee 4 = 113 tickets closed, 89% efficiency
employee 5 = 20 tickets closed , 60% efficiency (new guy)
me                = 231 tickets closed , 91% efficiency

2011 as a whole
employee 1 = 1638 tickets closed, 80% efficiency
employee 2 = 1513 tickets closed, 69% efficiency
employee 3 = 767 tickets closed, 54% efficiency
employee 4 = 795 tickets closed, 79% efficiency
employee 5 = 20 tickets closed, 60% efficiency
me                = 2433 tickets closed, 83% efficiency

a lot of variance between employees, but i did get a fat 0.006% (the decimal is in the correct place) christmas bonus for my hard work and dedication, which was definitely nice.

went fly fishing this past saturday.  i didn’t catch anything, but it was nice to just get outside.  the weather was a frigid 75 degrees and sunny.  walked to work today.  let me tell you, a brisk 5 mile walk in tight jeans does not bode well for all the parts that rub.  i made it to work in an hour and a half.  not too shabby.  had to call in the evacuation team: Lindsey and Ryter are going to drive me home.  walking around the office in a horse stance is no laughing matter.

2012 is a year of change.  i reckon me and 2012 will get along just fine. =)

Had an idea

ok, so i thought of something that i’m really excited about.  unfortunately, i’m not ready to reveal it in a public forum quite yet.  what’s the point of me telling you that i have a great idea?  just so you know that i’m capable of simple thought processes.  the weather here is yo-yo’ing a bit and i haven’t been able to get outside and do some fishing.  speaking of fishing, i procured a new reel, which i will be replacing my “old” one with.  i’m going to review/compare them both from a mechanical/functional perspective more so than a fishing point of view.  i like to critique and criticize, so i’ll probably make a “review” category up top and start reviewing things when i have some time.

everything else is going well.  my boy is growing like crazy and is continuing to develop his own personality.  below is a photo of the face he makes when something really makes him think/concentrate.

Still the same ol’ G

i’ve been keeping busy.  not too terribly overworked, but busy nonetheless.  i tied my first fly a couple weeks ago, but haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet as the winds have been howling.  Ryter went out around the block for Halloween dressed like an owl.  had the opportunity to go out for lunch with Brian and received a very awesome fortune from within a magical cookie.

i have a month of school left and am really stoked about that.  the good, however, comes with the troubling: my last semester is going to be a bear.  there’s light at the end of the tunnel since i’ll be DONE come march.  what will i ever do with all this extra time that i’ll have once school’s done?  well, i have a couple of ideas: teach Ryter how to wrestle, how to flyfish (need to learn, myself), and then i’ll need to lead by example and show Ryter how to run around the block and pump some iron.  CAN’T WAIT!!!

much to Lindsey’s dismay, i picked up another fly outfit.  actually, i should preface that by stating that i sold yet another one of my awesome paintball markers (CCM T2) in order to find another fly outfit.  this time, it’s a bit of a heavier outfit than what i currently have.  en route is an 8wt setup which will allow me to sling bigger bugs than my current 6wt ensemble.  perhaps i’ll be able to review my gear once school is out and i’ve had some more time slinging.

oh, i also finished up my resume site as well,  wish i could add more stuff to it, but i’ve been limited in growth the past six years.  hence me getting two degrees in three years.  i’ve linked it to the top of this bog as well, just for kicks.  the template is not my creation.  i’m not a programmer, so there’s no way i could code all the scripts in that template.  bough the template for $10 and then customized it.

i’ve taken up walking.  i’ve been walking about two miles the past few days and, who would have thought, it helps me clear my head.  Lindsey and Ryter have come along, as well, which takes the boring out of the walk.  hopefully i can get my kayak out this weekend, provided the weather wants to comply.

Well well well

i’ve been a little absent from this little blog of mine.  lots of events have transpired in the last month or two.  i left the wife and kids at home and flew up to toronto for Bec’s wedding.  awesome wedding, awesome time, awesome friends, and awesome family time.  unfortunately, it was a short trip, but i think i maximized the time spent.  back home, i’ve been floundering in school work.  oh, get this, so i worked from home for about three weeks because we didn’t have any childcare lined up for that period.  so on a normal month at the office, i close about 150 incidents a month.  with 150, i am consistently the leading performer in our group of five.  the month of september, which was mostly spent working from home, i closed 370 incidents.  i keep asking my boss to consider allowing capable people to work from home more often.  he hasn’t budged, stating that productivity will suffer.  i’m not a big math wiz, but it seems that 147% increase in productivity is a fairly decent bump.  numbers aside, i actually enjoyed my work for the first time in years, working from home.  now that we have childcare under control, imagine what i could potentially accomplish if i could concentrate on work the full 8 hours.

i’ve decided to sell some of my paintball equipment and take up fly fishing.  i sold two guns, and purchased my fly fishing equipment.  unfortunately, one of the guns is being returned because the buyer claims it’s not working (won’t turn on).  despite the fact that the item was sold “as is,” i’ve agreed to return the item and refund his money.  i’ve learned several lessons.  one of which is to make a video of anything/everything that i sell online in the future, prior to packaging up the item, to show that it’s in good working order.

tried to go out fly fishing to the pond here in the neighborhood.  turns out it’s all overgrown and there’s no room to cast.  no big deal, there will be other opportunities to practice my casting.  at least we, the whole family, got a good walk around the neighborhood out of it.


Adjustment period

we’re back home and managed to get a little bit of sleep.  Ryter is adjusting well, i think, much better than the first time.  he actually slept a little last night.  we did some grocery shopping this morning, caught up on some Jersey Shore action, and will soon be catching up on True Blood whilst chowing down on some spicy tuna rolls.


so Ryter is getting bigger and bigger.  as of late, he’s been having a little fun with us:  he’ll pretend that he needs his diaper changed, but before you get the new one on, it’s game over.  other than that, Lindsey is a Super Mom, for sure.  tomorrow, Super Mom is going to a little birthday bash while i’m home with the little monster.

today i got into the stock market game.  feels good to have finally invested the funds instead of earning 0.00125% interest a year.  at the end of the day, my portfolio was half a point lower than when i started, but it’s all good; in the end, i’ll make it rain.

the Lithuania trip is coming up: MONDAY!  two weeks out of the office.  two weeks with family.  two weeks in Lithuania.  two weeks of awesomeness.  i don’t have anything planned out, but i am hauling all my gear and do plan to take a lot of photos.  the weather is going to be in the low 70s…  i’m *really* looking forward to that.  i’ve had enough of these triple-digit temps.

the weekend of october 1st, i’ll be in Toronto for Bec’s wedding.  unfortunately, i was only able to get friday off of work, so the weekend is going to fly by too quickly.  the good thing is is that it’s going to be EPIC!  like a super concentrated weekend of awesome in a champagne flute.  Bec, i’m reserving a dance right now, cos i never got one at my wedding.

hopefully when we get back the weather here will be a bit more tolerable.  i’m trying to try to manage my time so that i can ride my bike to work all fall/winter.  need to see how the school schedule is this coming semester, and also need to motivate my self to get out of this exercise rut.

What’s cookin, good lookin?

ok, so we leave for Lithuania on monday and i hope i don’t forget anything.  i ordered some US-to-Euro adapters so i can charge all my gear.  i also uploaded some European maps on my phone, so we don’t get lost, and just now purchased an unlock code for my phone so i can use a SIM card from a different (Lithuanian) carrier.  the phone seems to get a good/quick GPS lock even with the radios off, so we should be set on the GPS front even if the unlock fails for some reason.

Brian, my brother from another mother came over this weekend with his son, Atticus (14 months old).  Brian had some computer issues that needed ironing out.  Atticus had fun playing around with Jenga blocks, while Brian and I took care of some computer issues and talked business.  Ryter and Atticus didn’t really have too much time to hang, since Ryter was eating and sleeping for the duration of visit.

my next semester will start while we’re in Lithuania, so that’s new.  i think everything will be good, though.  i got my books on order, two out of three syllabi, and i’ll be ready to hit the ground running.  just two more semesters left…  two classes in 2012 and then i’m done.  not sure what the next chapter holds, but i’m dieing to find out.