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so, my boy is almost two years old and there’s another bun in the oven due in August.  life is beautiful!

work life is going well.  i’m keeping busy, and am enjoying it.

at home, things are better than ever!  my wonderful wife continues to make the house better with every passing day.  unfortunately, my car is still on jack stands in the garage…  hopefully, i can wrap that up in the next month or so.

get ready for photos, because i’m getting back into it!

happy happy happy

I got it!

well, i got the job i was after!  it’s official: after coughing at the clinic a couple times, i now have a start date of September 12th.  i will be a Systems Administrator at a manufacturing company.  during my second interview, i received a tour of three of the seven modules (buildings) and the process of casting metal parts is quite fascinating; i’ve never seen it done from start to finish before!  i’ll be responsible for the sever and network aspect of IT and will be the third addition to the operations  team.  i’m super excited because i’ll be learning new technologies, methods, and will be able to research new technologies that may help the business grow.

now that we’ll have an income, we’ll be looking for a house of our own.  hopefully we find something close enough to work where i can ride a bike during the warm months, and cross-country ski in the winter.  how cool would that be?!?

Living it up

so we were lucky enough to go up north with our friends this weekend to their cottage on Whitefish Lake in Three Lakes, WI.  it was an awesome weekend!  did some float tube fishing, and got sunburned on my hands.  it was so worth it, though.  did some musky fishing and even managed to lose a small top water frog to something with teeth (i’ll be back to get my frog, fish).  thanks for the memories and the hospitality KMTS et al.!

today, i received a call i’ve been waiting for since last thursday: a job offer!  not just any job offer, it’s a position within a company i’m eager to work for and build my career with!  needless to say, we’re all really excited.  we’re still in the process of crossing our Ts and dotting all of the Is, but after the screening and paperwork, i’ll have a definite start date.  perhaps as soon as later this week.  super stoked!!!

Chips Ahoy!

no, not the chocolate kind.  i’ve been addicted to a newly discovered brand of dill pickle kettle chips called “Krunchers!”  after a bag, it feels like i’ve been licking a razor blades, but the flavor makes up for it.  i ordered a couple of books:  “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, and “Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival” by Mors Kochanski.  i’ve just started the 7 Habits, but it came VERY highly recommended.  the bushcraft book is just for fun; hopefully it will inspire me to take advantage of the awesome wilderness Wisconsin has to offer.  i’d love to head into the bush friday and emerge sunday night, alive.  as i was typing this up, i ordered “The Art of War” and “The Prince,” both of which i’ve never read.  other than that, i’m getting closer to employment every single day.  i have a list of criteria that i need in a job, and another list of things that i’m going to avoid at all costs.  now i just need to find that one lucky employer.  riding my bike on a somewhat regular basis now; every other day for 20 miles.  on the days i don’t ride, i’m getting in the habit of other means of exercise; i need to shed some baby fat before next year’s beach season.  gonna bring the speedo back.  watch out, ladies, i’m married.  ok, back to reality.  here’s a pic for you.


well, we just got back from a two-week stay with my family in Iowa.  it was a blast and we’re looking forward to your next visit!  yesterday was spent doing a full brake job on Lindsey’s car.  it was nice to finally get some grease under the fingernails.  Ryter is a tank; strong as an ox that guy is.

this week i’m concentrating on finding a job.  i was tempted with a very VERY awesome canoe trip to the northern Wisconsin boundary waters.  a “man vs. wild” adventure of camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and surviving.  unfortunately, i guess i grew a conscience in the recent past, because i couldn’t bring myself to be “on vacation” for yet another week; it’s already been over a month.  fortunately, i’m planning to join in the adventure next year.


well, we’re all here.  still getting things arranged and organized, but soon i’ll be ready to get employed.  sunday we’re off to Iowa for a week with my folks.  my sister and her fam are flying in, so the whole gang will be there.  really looking forward to it.  in the week that i’ve been in Wisconsin, i’ve managed to go fishing twice; and catch my first walleye.  that’s it for now.  need to make a walmart run to procure a new battery for my depth finder.